Are you able to hear?

April 10, 2019


Be Still . . .
Devotionals for Daily Living

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
(Revelation 3:6 (NIV))

Have you been hearing some strange things lately?

That may sound like a very unusual question, but if you love the world, your hearing may be dulled. You may not be in-tune to what the Spirit is saying during these times in which we live. Logically, the next thing that needs to be brought up is another question.

Do you believe that the Spirit of God is saying anything to the churches today?

Do you hear the Spirit saying that the world is calling good, evil and evil is being called good?

Do you hear the Spirit saying that people have become lovers of self?

Do you hear the Spirit saying that you have left your first love or that you have become lukewarm?


It hurts when you ask things like this of yourself, but this is where the Spirit works. God calls us as individuals. He looks at our sins as individuals. He looks at our hearts as individuals, but when you are associated with others who are like-minded in sin, then the Spirit speaks differently. Just as He spoke to the seven churches as groups, the Spirit is speaking to us today as groups. He is also speaking to us as individuals. We must hear the Spirit and learn to respond to the Spirit. He may be calling us as individuals out of an existing situation into a new situation and direction if we can only hear what the Spirit is saying. The Spirit is trying to lead if we could and would only listen.

Are you able to hear?

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Can you say that you are listening?

July 11, 2016

Be Still . . .
Devotionals for Daily Living

Then Eli realized it was the Lord who was calling the boy. So he said to Samuel, “Go and lie down again, and if someone calls again, say, ‘Yes, Lord, your servant is listening.'” So Samuel went back to bed. And the Lord came and called as before, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel replied, “Yes, your servant is listening.”
(1 Samuel 3:8-10 (NLT))

Are you able to say to the Lord, “Yes, your servant is listening?”

We all want to think that we would recognize, listen and respond to the Lord’s voice, but are we truly that in tune to what the Lord is saying? Have we honed our spiritual ears and our hearts to be able to discern when we are being called by the Lord? Have we spent sufficient time in God’s Word and in prayer to truly recognize the voice that we all say we long to hear?

Think about that last question in more detail.

When you have free time, what do you do? Do you turn on the computer, television or music, or do you open up God’s Word? Do you fill you eyes, mind and heart with things of this world or do you fill them with things that are of God? Do you sit quietly and talk to God and earnestly await His side of the conversation or do you simply rattle off a list of demands that you want God to fix? What would happen to your earthly relationships if you treated those relationships like you treat your relationship with God? In other words, how would your relationship be if you had a one-sided rant where you unloaded all of the things that you wanted fixed and then stopped talking? I honestly believe that you wouldn’t have that relationship very long.

Sadly, all too many of us treat God in this very manner!

Think about Samuel. His approach to the Lord was not a rant. It was a show of respect and a desire to be intimate with God. Samuel was willing to listen!

Are we willing to truly listen to what God has to say to us?

Copyright 1998 – 2016 Dennis J. Smock
Daily Living Ministries, Inc.
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