The depths

Be Still . . .
Devotionals for Daily Living

Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD;
(Psalms 130:1 (NIV))

“Depths” conjure up many vivid and horrible scenarios for the human imagination.

Think about what you consider the “depths.”

Some of the more common meanings of the word include imagery that suggests an abyss, a profound or intense state, a reprehensibly low condition, and even a high degree of intensity. Nothing about this word evokes a peaceful, calm place. We hear people refer to the depths of depression, the depths of insanity, the depths of loneliness, and the depths of despair. None of these are places that any of us long to be visiting, let alone living in.

I find it very interesting, and not at all surprising, that the psalmist used this word, this imagery, to be the base from which he cries out to God.

When do you cry for help?

Is it when things are going well, or is it when things have taken a turn toward the depths? It is human nature to cry out. It is human nature to seek comfort and peace. And, contrary to what many people profess, it is human nature to seek God. For those who proclaim that they do not believe, they have replaced God with something else, something that they seek after.

It is when we are far from God, when we are in the depths that this world has given us, that we feel the innate need for God to fill us, to comfort us, to save us, and to console us. Fortunately, He will do just that. He will fill us with Himself. He will comfort us with His Word. He will save us from our sin, and He will console us. It is our depths that often lead us to God. It is our depths that make us realize that we are not capable of anything on our own. It is often in our depths that we see ourselves clearly and then we can turn toward God and be redeemed.

What depths do you find yourself facing? Do you find yourself drowning in the despair of your situations? Do you see no way out? Are you lost and without hope?

It simply takes an effort on your part. Simply cry out to God and place your faith and trust in Him. Cry out to the Son that was sent. Sincerely cry out from your depths and see what God will do.

Copyright 1998 – 2010 Dennis J. Smock
Daily Living Ministries, Inc.
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