Could it be me?

Be Still . . .
Devotionals for Daily Living

And while they were eating, he said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me.”
(Matthew 26:21 (NIV))

Can you put yourself into that upper room when Jesus spoke these words?

Think about that for a moment. He didn’t speak these words to a group of strangers. He spoke them to the twelve men that had spent the last three years with Him. These men had seen Jesus do things that no other man in the history of the world could even begin to imagine doing. They knew His heart and they knew Him. They all knew that Jesus had an ability to see to the very heart, yet, one of the people who sat in that room would betray Him.

And, Jesus knew it!

I can imagine myself sitting there. At first denial would come into mind. “Surely no one would even begin to consider such an idea!” Then, a strong, but brief bout of anguish. “Could it be me?” Then, just as the disciples did, I would probably begin to ask who it could possibly be.

I hate to say this, but human nature would also raise its ugly head in a way that would not be pleasant. We would all probably say to ourselves, “I am so glad that it is not me.” However, would any of us have a fist reaction that did not place us first? Would we stop to realize that even if it was not us, Jesus would still be betrayed? Would we be so absorbed in our own thoughts about our actions that we would miss the fact that Jesus would still be handed over to suffer?

My heart sinks when I think about what I would think and do if I were sitting in that room. However, I often feel that we still betray Jesus in many ways each and every day. Our betrayals may not be the one that God used to put His plan into motion, but they are still betrayals. They are still sins. They are the very reasons that Jesus willingly went to the cross.

I often wonder if Judas had turned to Jesus and said that he was sorry, what would have become of Judas. Sadly, Judas, even though he spent three years with Jesus, did not think to ask for forgiveness. He did not learn from any of the teachings of Jesus. Did Judas think about the woman caught in adultery and the compassion that Jesus showed? Did Judas remember Jesus telling others to forgive someone who sins against you seventy times seven?

Each of us betray Jesus in some way each and every day. Don’t forget that grace is there for the asking. It is a matter of the heart. It is a matter of priorities. My priority is to seek Jesus in all that I do and to have the wisdom to know when I fail at my priority.

Could it be me?

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