Do you delay?

Be Still . . .
Devotionals for Daily Living

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.
(Psalms 119:60 (NIV))

Is that the desire of your heart? Do you seek to obey the Word of God without delay or do you fall prey to the frailties of human nature and seek after your own will first?

It is tough to always be what you know you should be. It is tough to be this person at all, but it should always be our goal in everything that we do.

Consider the word “hasten.” It means to do quickly. It is human nature to only be able to do the things quickly that we have practiced and hold near and dear to our hearts. Perhaps that is why the psalmist wrote these words. He was earnestly and honestly seeking to have God first and foremost in his heart and in his life. Whatever is first in your heart will be your first reaction.

If you spend your time thinking about money, then your first reaction to anything will be your concern about how you will be impacted financially. If you spend your time thinking about power and prestige, then your first thoughts will always be about how you will look to others and who will come under your authority after the events unfold. If you spend your time thinking about God and His Word, then your first reaction will be to respond in a way that would please God.

What are your first reactions to any given situation? Do they reflect what you truly desire to be? Do they reflect the peace, grace and mercy that you have been given through the blood of Jesus Christ?

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